Storm Causes Avalanche At Ski Resort


Even though the calendar says that it's March and there are trees starting to bloom, the winter season isn't over just yet. A strong storm swept across California, dumping several inches of snow on areas like Mammoth Mountain. The abundance of snow that fell on top of the snow already on the mountain caused an avalanche over the weekend. The ski resort at Mammoth Mountain made the decision to close until the snow could be cleared and until operators of the resort felt that there wouldn't be any concerns with more snow falling in the immediate future to trigger another avalanche.

When workers at the resort started looking around to survey the damage, they found three people who had been trapped when the avalanche occurred. Fortunately, these three people managed to get out of the snow on their own. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is close to Mammoth Mountain and saw similar conditions with an avalanche being reported on the property. There were five people who had to be rescued at this ski resort, but they are expected to be alright.

One of the snowboarders in the group described the avalanche as a large mountain of snow that was racing toward them. They didn't have enough time to get out of the way of the snow before it piled on top of them. The snowboarder passed out soon after the snow landed on top of him. The man's wife managed to get free and seek help to get her husband and the others from under the snow. Ski lifts at both resorts were closed soon after the snowstorm triggered the avalanches. Squaw Valley opened its ski lifts on Sunday to allow people access to some areas of the resort. Workers are still trying to assess any damage that could result in more injuries to skiers and snowboarders on the trails before fully opening each resort.