Steve Jurvetson Quits DFJ

Steve Jurvetson

DFJ is one of the most successful venture firms in Silicon Valley. One of its founding partners, Steve Jurvetson has announced that he was leaving the company yesterday. Beyond DFJ, this is a serial entrepreneur who sits on the board of other successful tech companies in California such as SpaceX and Tesla. He left the company after it emerged that the company was looking into some accusations that he sexually harassed a number of women. In a confidential letter that was addressed to the company’s investors, Mr. Stevenson notified them about his decision to leave the company. He further clarified that the departure was through mutual agreement. The letter was also obtained by the New York Times. For starters, DFJ stands for Draper Fisher Jurvetson. In the letter, the outgoing executive sought to clarify that the culture of the company has been to respect the values of every person in all of its interactions. He further said that it’s his hope that the culture remained that way. Carol Wentworth, who is the spokeswoman of the firm confirmed that he had left the company by mutual consent. At the same time, Tesla spokeswoman told news reporters that he had asked for a leave of absence from both SpaceX and Tesla boards until the issue was resolved.

The company announced that it had started an investigation regarding Mr. Jurvetson. This came after a tech entrepreneur known as Keri Kukral wrote on her Facebook about the predatory behavior of the investor. She warned women to be careful when approaching him. This is an allegation that was downplayed by an operating partner at DFJ known as Heidi Roizen. She said that the allegations were wrong and she didn’t need an investigation to know the truth. She further said that the company had never received an official complaint about the executive. The company, however, said that the investigation was still ongoing but didn’t disclose what it was looking into. Mr. Jurvetson wrote on Twitter on Monday that he was leaving the company to focus on personal issues. He further said that time off would allow him to go after the people who had defamed him. Mr. Jurvetson is one of the earliest investors in Silicon Valley. He even invested in Hotmail. He is a close friend of Elon Musk, and the two are often seen in California together. This is the latest case of sexual harassment case in Silicon Valley.