The State of Affairs in California


As flames burned vast parts of California, one victim decided to go back and save his new truck. He could not find the keys and never made it. Another elderly couple was sleeping in their house when fire surrounded them. It proved to be little too late for the couple as they failed to escape through the one-lane road in their area. In the same area, another couple that was caught in the danger decided to huddle in a pool. While the husband survived, his wife succumbed to the choking smoke. These are some of the many stories that the people of California have to tell about the fire that broke out on Sunday. The fire is being fueled by accelerating winds. In this case, warnings came few minutes or seconds before the disaster. This meant that even the slightest hesitation was lethal and resulted in death. Trina Grant says that the best friend of his dad tried calling him, but they were asleep. Grant’s parents were Suiko and Arthur Grant who were burnt while sleeping. They lived on a hilltop outside Santa Rosa. She says that by the time her dad picked the phone, his best friend warned him that he had to leave the area immediately. However, it was too late for the family.

At the moment, the fire has already been considered as the worst fire in the history of California as it has killed 35 people. Officials from the state of California say that the numbers will likely rise. At the same time, thousands of homes have also been destroyed while family members cannot account for their loved ones. Officials say that the fires were propelled by winds that were travelling at the speed of 50 miles per hours. Rescue and search teams have reported incinerated remains at different areas in Northern California. One of these places is the Journey’s End which is found in Santa Rosa. They said that they left with bone fragments on Friday. This is one of the first steps that these rescuers find themselves in as they try to find the missing. The fires are so hot such that they are melting aluminum wheels. For starters, aluminum has a melting point of 1,222 degrees Fahrenheit. Alameda County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelley says that people have been cremated. At the same time, he says that the bones have been burned to the level of consuming DNA in them.