Sony unveils new series of ‘Xperia X’ smartphones

Sony unveils new series of ‘Xperia X’ smartphones

During the course of its press conference at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 trade show in Barcelona, Spain, Sony made an unexpected announcement of three new smartphones. The handsets integrate a new series of Sony smartphones – ‘Xperia X.’

The new ‘Xperia X’ line of handsets introduced by Sony at the MWC includes the Xperia X, Xperia X Performance, and the Xperia XA smartphones.

All the three handsets -- with 5-inch screen -- have a familiar-looking overall design, but boast the addition of some noteworthy new elements, like the new metallic back and the slightly curved glass covering the screen.

According to the announcement made by Sony, the newly-unveiled Xperia X and Xperia X Performance smartphones will come with almost similar specifications; though the inclusion of a more powerful processor will give the Xperia X Performance an edge over its Xperia X counterpart.

The Xperia XA handset will comparatively be inferior to the Xperia X and Xperia X Performance models because of its somewhat modest specifications. However, it will still be an impressive mid-range smartphone.

Sony has not divulged the availability details of the new Xperia X line of handsets; but has said that the devices will likely hit the markets this summer. Moreover, though the regions of availability of the new handsets are also not known, it is speculated that the Xperia X and Xperia X Performance handsets will be available in the US market.