Sleep Apnea Played A Role In California Bus Crash

Last year, there was a fatal bus accident in California that left 13 people dead and injured 31 people. The federal safety board recently inspected the cause of the accident and found that sleep apnea caused the crash. Utility work also played a role in the accident. The bus crashed into a tractor-trailer in Palm Springs, California.

Investigators found that the driver stopped at the construction site. He did not start driving again after the other vehicles began moving. Investigators stated that he likely fell asleep after he stopped because he had sleep apnea. The driver also had untreated diabetes.

Furthermore, the driver was severely overweight. Even though he was at a high risk of developing sleep apnea, he was never tested for it. Sleep apnea is a condition where a person's airway closes while they are sleeping. This can cause daytime drowsiness. This disorder has caused a number of fatal traffic accidents.

The Obama Administration proposed passing a law that required everyone who worked in the transportation industry to be screened for sleep apnea. However, the Trump Administration decided not to implement the screening proposal. They stated that many companies are already screening their employees for sleep apnea.

Robert Sumwalt is the chairman of the National Traffic Safety Board. He stated that state and federal regulators have to do better. He also stated that all commercial drivers should be screened for sleep apnea before they are allowed to work for a company. They should also be properly treated for sleep apnea before they are allowed to drive.

In many cases, sleep apnea can be treated with lifestyle changes such as losing weight and exercising. A continuous positive airway pressure machine can also be used to treat sleep apnea. It works by delivering air through a mask, which keeps the airway open.