Slack unveils new ‘Sign in with Slack’ feature

Slack unveils new ‘Sign in with Slack’ feature

On Tuesday, workplace chat platform Slack unveiled a new 'Sign in with Slack' feature, which will give Slack users the ability to use their login credentials for the chat app to sign into and use other apps that use their Slack identities.

The new 'Sign in with Slack' feature has been launched by Slack with effect from Tuesday, May 10, with a number of key partners, including cloud-based word processing and collaboration app Quip, Figma, Kifi, Officevibe, Slackline, and Smooz.

Announcing the 'Sign in with Slack' feature, Slack said that the feature can potentially turn the work chat platform into an identity provider for the enterprise. With the help of the new feature, Slack users will be able to use their Slack logins for accessing different workplace apps; and will, thus, not have to remember logins and passwords for different apps.

As a result of the rollout of the 'Sign in with Slack' feature, the interaction of Slack users with third party apps will be increased; thereby leading to the addition of in-stream content. Moreover, the new feature will also ensure that people stay in Slack for longer time periods.

The availability of the 'Sign in with Slack' feature would specifically be beneficial for business-centric developers that are keen on tapping into the massively growing user base of the Slack service.