Ship's Haunted Room Available for Renting in Long Beach

Queen Mary Floating Hotel

After 30 years, the Long Beach Queen Mary floating hotel has finally reopened Stateroom B340, the room many believe to be the source of paranormal activity on the ship.

ABC7 reports on the story, noting that the room was appropriately made available on Friday the 13th. Rates currently start at $499 per night, a cost that reflects the prestige of both the hotel and the room.

According to the Queen Mary's general manager, Stephen Sowards, this decision was made after roughly 30 years of customers asking to stay in the room. Ever since 1967 (the final voyage of the Queen Mary as a seafaring vessel), passengers and crew have reported strange phenomena originating from Stateroom B340, leading to the unusual interest in staying there above any other room on the ship. What could have caused this haunting is not known, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating over the years.

Besides the typical amenities hotel rooms provide their guests, Stateroom B340 also comes stocked with a chest containing several items that might assist in a paranormal experience. Among the items in the chest are tarot cards, a Ouija board, a crystal ball, and supposedly authentic ghost hunting equipment.

Stateroom B340 has been dubbed one of the top 10 most haunted places on the planet, at least according to TIME magazine. Among the many strange happenings in the room over the years, guests have reported having their sheets ripped off them while asleep or seeing dark figures appearing before them before disappearing moments later. Whether these sightings are the real deal or simply people imagining (or making up) things that have happened based on the legends likely won't be known for sure any time soon, but it probably won't hurt business at the hotel.

For more information on the room or to reserve a place at the hotel, visit the official Queen Mary website or contact reservations at (877) 342-0742.