Senator Dianne Feinstein Says She Is Not Back Must-Passing the Spending Bill

On Thursday, Senator Dianne Feinstein from California announced in a surprising reversal that she would not afford a vote for the spending bill for the end of the year. She said she had based her decision on the fact that the legislation ignored the children’s health insurance fund and children who were still undocumented and considered to be in the United States illegally.

On a statement that the Senator released to the press on Thursday, she said that it was morally wrong for the conservatives to leave the contentious issues out of the things that the bill sought to fund. The senator had earlier this week alluded that she would vote in favor of the bill that would ensure that the federal government’s operation is supported after Congress is adjourned this Friday.

Senator Feinstein hails from the Democratic Party which is not in favor of voting for the bill in both the House and the Senate. The reversal by the California senator is significantly symbolic. This is because there are possibly enough votes from Democratic Senators that would see that the minimum threshold of 60 Senators required to pass the legislation in the Senate is achieved.

The senator was also receiving a lot of pressure from advocates to block the bill if specific provisions were not included. These requirements include Dreamers protection who had previously benefited from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program enacted by the Obama administration.

President Trump terminated the Program in September of this year in his tight immigration policies. An approximate 25% of all the dreamers who total to 800,000 reside in the state of California An estimated 2 million of pregnant women and children</a> rely on the Children’s Health Insurance program. However, the state authorities in California said that the program is expected to run out of funding in a months’ time. Feinstein said that she had made contact and talked to the recipients of that program. The senator said that she understood their plight and that it was heartbreaking to see the conservatives muscle a legislation that did not consider them.

The US government has all the details concerning the over 200,000 DACA recipients and can move in a moment’s notice and deport them unless very firm measures are put in place by the US Congress. In the recent past, a multitude of California residents had staged a protest outside the offices of the senator regarding her standing on the spending bill.