Seagate unveils groundbreaking 60TB SSD

Seagate unveils groundbreaking 60TB SSD

In a highly notable announcement made at the Flash Memory Summit being held in Santa Clara, California, this week, Seagate unveiled the world’s biggest solid-state drive (SSD) --- a 60TB Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSD.

The massive 60TB SSD unveiled by Seagate marks a significant addition to the high-performance segment of the company’s datacenter portfolio. However, the SSD is not expected to make its way into a consumer device any time in the near future.

With the groundbreaking 60TB SSD dethroning Samsung’s March-launched 16 TB SSD to become the biggest-capacity SSD in the world, Seagate – touting the storage capacity of the drive – said that the drive has the capability to hold 400 million pictures on typical social media platforms, or nearly 12,000 DVD movies.

Highlighting the fact that the 60TB SSD has the familiar HDD 3.5-inch form factor, Seagate said that the drive can be immensely useful for storage management inside data centers, because it would not have to support diverse form factors that cover hot and cold data.

In announcing the colossal 60TB SSD, Seagate said that, as of now, the drive is only a "demonstration technology." But, the company also added alongside that the commercial launch of the product will likely take place in 2017.