Scientists may soon announce discovery of gravitational waves

Scientists may soon announce discovery of gravitational waves

An upcoming event is expected to bring something really important to light the gravitational waves that are believed to form around massive objects, such as black holes and neutron stars, warping time and space.

The National Science Foundation recently announced that an event, scheduled to take place on Thursday at 10:30 am (local time) at the National Press Club in Washington, would bring together researchers from Caltech, MIT and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration to update the scientific community on their efforts to detect gravitational waves.

Many believe that the event would be used to confirm the recent rumors that scientists at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) have already discovered gravitational waves using US-based detectors.

Sparking a firestorm of speculation, Arizona State University (ASU) Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss said, “My earlier rumor about LIGO has been confirmed by independent sources. Stay tuned! Gravitational waves may have been discovered!! Exciting…”

Built by MIT and Caltech scientists to capture very tiny vibrations from passing gravitational waves, LIGO is consisted of dual set of identical detectors – one at Livingston in Louisiana, and the other at Hanford in Washington.

If gravitational waves have actually been discovered by scientist, it would mark one of the biggest discoveries in the field as it would help scientists solve the persistent mystery how the universe was born.