The School Plan by the State Government of California Fails to Win Approval from the Federal Government

American Department of Education

The American Department of Education has found substantive errors in the plan by the State of California which highlights how the state authorities will ustilize billions of dollars of aid from the federal education budget to prove schools in the state that have been recording low-performance. This spending was supposed to be in line with the Every Student Succeeds Act under Federal law. The letter was sent to the state education authorities by the US Department of Education.

It is set to trigger lengthy discussions between the state and federal officials regarding the technical changes and clarifications to the funding application by the California state government which was 100 pages long. The letter could also be the very first salvo in the fight over differences which have been deemed irreconcilable regarding the holistic and distinct approach to the improvement of schools by the California government. The president of Fordham Institute which is based in Ohio, Michael Petrilli said that the feedback on the education funding proposal by the federal Education Department to the California state authorities is more extensive as compared to other states.

Petrilli said that the federal government was reprimanding the state authorities after California ignored significant resolutions of the Every Student Succeeds legislation. The Fordham Institute was a sharp critic of the approach adopted by the California state government on accountability in the education sector in one of the recent reports that it has released. The legislation was approved in 2015 by a bipartisan vote between the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress. Under the bill, there was a requirement by every state to submit a very comprehensive education plan to the federal authorities and the US Department of Education in particular.

California state authorities made their submission to the federal government in September, and the letter marks the first response that they have received so far. The US assistant secretary who serves under the Education Secretary, Jason Botel based his Dec 21 letter to California state authorities on strict adherence to the 2015 legislation by Congress. However, Botel admitted that there was some level of flexibility that is enjoyed by each state when it comes to such issues. The assistant secretary sharply criticized the California state authorities for failing to have a detailed plan or precise goals on how the schools in the state would be more accountable for the funds allocated by both the state and federal governments.