San Pedro Schools’ Overwhelming Response to Weeklong Donation Drive for Hurricane Harvey Victims


San Pedro schools located in the Harbor area donated hundreds of boxes of items needed by victims of the recent Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas hard. According to Leland Elementary School Principal Lora Caudill, the amount of donated items collected during the weeklong drive was overwhelming.

Caudill said that her biggest reservation about the donation drive was that she would end up with boxes of old clothes. However, she did not have to worry about that since many people shopped in bulk at stores like 99 Cents Only Store and Costco, which brought in a massive amount of different goods.

A PTO Initiative

Leland’s PTO president Michelle Alvarado first suggested the donation drive after Hurricane Harvey displaced many residents in the area. The drive was supported by several schools in San Pedro including Dana Middle and San Pedro High. The drive was easy to organize and execute.

Incredible Response

Caudill was surprised by the phenomenal response stating that her school’s parent center building was full. She added that among the donated items were a box full of anti-bacterial wipes, two boxes of toothbrushes, and tons of diapers in different sizes. She also said that there baby wipes, bags of formula, cases of clean water, toilet paper, a lot of canned food, shampoos, conditioners, hairbrushes, and every other necessity needed by victims who had to abandon their homes.

Boxes of school supplies like pens, pencils, glue sticks, and notebooks were also donated. The area’s local service clubs also participated in the weeklong drive after hearing about it.

San Pedro schools collaborated with Houston’s Harmony School of Exploration, a public charter school which focuses on technology, engineering, math, and science for underserved communities. The school organized the collection and distribution of the donations in Houston.

Caudill and her counterpart, Principal Nora Morales, kept in constant communication from Friday to ensure that the drive went on without a hitch. Morales’ husband also assisted by bringing in a crew that collected and drove all the items donated in San Pedro back to Houston – a 1,500-mile trip.

Caudill revealed that Morales was in tears after learning of the incredible amount of donations that came in from San Pedro. Her school was forced to close temporarily after being hit by the hurricane. However, it reopened on September 11 after repairs were made. Harmony is now assisting another nearby school located in Beaumont, Texas, whose campus was damaged in the storm.