San Francisco Gets First Win of the Season


Heading into this season, San Francisco was a team everyone expected to struggle. There is a lack of talent on the roster, and few people thought the team would win more than a couple of games.

Kyle Shanahan is the coach of the team. He is one of the best offensive coaches in the NFL. Although all of the games have been close, the team was still winless heading into the game against the Giants. The Giants have had a ton of issues on offense this year. San Francisco was finally able to win a game when they beat the Giants. Although the team will not reach the playoffs this year, it is a great opportunity to build for the 2018 season.

Offensive Woes

San Francisco has a lot of issues on both the offense and defense. Not only is there an overall lack of talent, but the team was not coached well last year. San Francisco had a great draft, and they were able to both accumulate future picks and draft quality players. John Lynch is the general manager, and most fans are happy with his performance so far.

Shanahan was brought in to revitalize the offense. He is the type of person who knows how to coach an offense and take it to the next level. The problem for him is that the team lacks true offensive playmakers. The good news for the future is that San Francisco recently traded for a quality quarterback. When looking at the 2018 season, it is easy to see this team competing for a playoff spot.

Drafting Defensive Talent

In the latest draft, San Francisco decided to go heavy on the defensive side of the football. With the first pick, San Francisco drafted the best defensive lineman in the draft. The team wants to develop both the offensive and defensive lines in order to build a team that can compete for championships.

In the coming draft, many people expect that the team will focus on protecting their new quarterback. A quality quarterback is only an advantage when you can give him time to distribute the football adequately. Although the team is not having a good season, most fans are happy with the performance of the team so far. Realistic fans know that it will be several seasons before San Francisco makes a deep playoff run.