San Fernando Valley Residents Report Musty Tap Water

San Fernando Valley

If you're smelling a pungent odor in your sink, you're not alone, as residents of the San Fernando Valley are reporting having tap water that smells less than desirable.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are claiming that the stench is coming from a "harmless" algae bloom that was created by rainstorms this winter in the Owens Valley. They describe the smell as being an "earthy or musty odor," and defenseless victims in the San Fernando Valley have reportedly been complaining to the Department of Water and Power about their stinky tap water all week.

According to the Daily News, the department made a statement online regarding this problem on Tuesday. The Director of Water Quality, Albert Gastelum, said, "We hope to minimize any inconvenience to our customers. Carbon filters, like tap or pitcher filters, can reduce the odor."

“We are committed to resolving the algae problem as expeditiously as possible and will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.”

This specific algae, which is common worldwide, is called Anabaena, is blue-green in color, and is infamous for being rather smelly. The past winter ushered in rains to the Owens Valley that brought the valley out of a lengthy drought, but adversely, allowed the algae to sprout.

The LADWP reports that there are a few strains of blue-green algae that can be toxic to humans, but residents need not fear of the Anabaena, saying that they have done vigorous testing on local algae and none have been found to hold any toxic components. However, if the algae does not subside, the LADWP said that they will take measures to eliminate the algae entirely.

LADWP spokeswoman, Amanda Parsons, stated, "It would be chemical treatment options. They are monitoring it closely."

The LADWP has made it a mission to provide clean, fresh water to the residents its served. Last year, they provided 160 billion gallons of drinking water to over four million businesses and residences.