San Diego Company Will Predict What You Look Like

These days, it seems as if DNA is dominating the headlines. With the advent of cheap genetic testing, many people are exploring their roots and learning more about from whence they came. People can now explore their families' medical predispositions through their genes. However, a San Diego business is taking things to the next level. Called Human Longevity, this firm is determined to generate realistic images of what people should look like according to their DNA. The results are so accurate that everyone is buzzing about it.

Because Human Longevity is interested in actual scientific data, the company initiated a study that involved the participation of over 1,000 volunteers. Using people from all sorts of different backgrounds, the firm collected different markers of physical data from the people volunteering. Not only were height and weight measured, but eye color research and extensive imaging of each person's face were conducted. Once DNA samples were collected, the computers then tabulated the information and used an algorithm to come up with predictions of what the people in question looked like. Published in Proceedings from the National Academy of Science, this study illustrated just how far along we have come with DNA.

Of course, the stunningly accurate portraits of people in the study illuminate some interesting questions. Now that this technology is available to us, will law enforcement use it? If they choose to do so, in what capacity will this occur? Human Longevity is using extreme caution as they move forward, stating that those who use this technology will need to exercise extreme caution. Once people see just how accurately their DNA is able to be transformed into a map of their faces, the more likely it is that they will want the usage of this program to be regulated.

With many California tech firms based in Silicon Valley or even the up-and-coming Silicon Beach, it is interesting to see such a cutting-edge company emerging from the San Diego area. Human Longevity's product is every bit as alluring as anything else out on the market, with significant implications for the consumer sector. In the coming months and years, it should be interesting to see how Human Longevity pairs their discoveries with supply and demand in the market. As the technology becomes more and more accurate, chances are that an even greater spotlight will begin to shine on this San Diego company.