San Diego Cat Gives Birth to "Harvey Kittens"

Life goes on, even after a devastating hurricane. A San Diego cat that was rescued from Hurricane Harvey is proof of this, as she recently gave birth to 4 kittens.

Hurricane Harvey was a monumental tragedy. It took 77 lives and inflicted almost $200 billion in damage — exceeding the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. But not only humans were affected by it. Countless animals found themselves displaced, including a little 1.5-year-old domestic short-hair cat named Cassidy.

The previous owners of Cassidy left her in a parking lot just hours before Harvey ravaged Texas. There a bystander found her and took her to a shelter, before she eventually joined many other cats and dogs that SeaWorld and Southwest Airlines transported to San Diego.

Part of the reason they were transported there is because of the animal resources the city and the surrounding county provides. It has 12 animal shelters and more than 200 registered rescue groups, and lots of people interested in adopting animals.

"You have a very educated community, a very humane community," according to Ric Browde of Wings of Rescue.

Upon her arrival in San Diego, Cassidy and many others found themselves at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, where Cassidy met a male cat named Butch. They apparently became friendly, as a short time later veterinarians at the center discovered that she was pregnant.

On October 18, the cat, who's currently under the care of a local foster owner, gave birth to 4 adorable kittens: Canyon, Cici, Cisco and Conroe. The foster owner is also taking care of the quadruplets, who have been dubbed the "Harvey Kittens" by the people at the center.

The kittens will be available for adoption in mid-December, and afterward Cassidy herself will be available. For information about adopting them, contact the Helen Woodward Animal Center at their website.