San Bernadino Displays True Grit By Overcoming Homelessness & A Tumultuous Past


If you’re the kind of person who loves a feel-good story, you’re sure to feel overwhelmed with positive emotions when you learn more about the story of a San Bernadino, CA woman who overcame tremendous odds to come out on top. recently ran a piece detailing the incredible obstacles that Camille Patterson overcame to become the woman that she is today. Just one year ago, Patterson was a homeless, convicted felon who was living in her car. She undoubtedly felt hopeless, especially as she listened to her baby have to question her about why they were sleeping in the car again. Things may have seemed like they would never get any better, and it would have been easy for Patterson to give up hope.

Instead, she decided to seek out help. The help she sought came in the form of receiving her certification from the San Bernadino County Technical Employment Training Program. She found out about the program via the local Transitional Assistance Department. She didn’t have to worry about tuition because it was all paid for by the county. She endured a rigorous training program to become a machinist, something that had to hit close to home because her Father is also a machinist.

Patterson credits the encouragement and support of the faculty and staff with giving her the strength to graduate from the program. She now has three job interviews lined up and it’s starting to look like the sky is the limit.

There were approximately 15 graduates from school, all said to have life situations that mirror Patterson’s very closely. Her story should let anyone know that no matter what curve ball seems to have been thrown your way, you can make it and staunchly keep going if you’re willing to be diligent, consistent and determined.