Samsung shows off ‘rollable’ OLED display for smartphones

Samsung shows off ‘rollable’ OLED display for smartphones

At the 2016 SID display industry event held in San Francisco this week, bigwig smartphone manufacturer Samsung showed off its latest flexible and 'rollable' OLED display for smartphones.

The 'rollable' OLED smartphone display demonstrated by Samsung is a different type of foldable display than the curved displays of the company's 'edge' versions of its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 handsets.

A video captured by Slashgear of Samsung's demonstration of rollable OLED smartphone display shows that the foldable screen weighs barely 5g, and its thickness is just 0.3mm, without a touch layer on top.

According to the video, Samsung's rollable OLED smartphone display measures 5.7-inch diagonally, and it offers Full HD resolution (that is, 1920 x 1080 pixels). When the OLED display is rolled up, it hides away in a metal cylinder with 10mm radius.

The rollable OLED smartphone display will likely be introduced by Samsung on a Galaxy X flagship handsets next year. The highly impressive rollable-display technology could enable Samsung -- and other smartphone manufacturers -- to introduce new form factors for mobile devices; thereby potentially paving the way for compact devices which can be converted into phablets or small tablets with the help of a foldable screen.