Sacramento Kings Head Coach Suffers Scare On Sideline

Sacramento Kings

As a coach in the NBA, Dave Joerger of the Sacramento Kings is familiar with the shuffling of lineups and facing uncertainty about the availability of players. But for Coach Joerger, Sunday would be the first time that he himself would become part of the shuffle.

Joeger was walking along the sideline early in the first quarter yelling and clapping in an attempt to affect the play of his team when a sudden light-headedness caused the coach to go down on a single knee. Team Trainer Pete Youngman and Assistant Elston Youngman were nearby and came immediately to Joeger’s aid.

Joerger was escorted from the court and kept away from the rest of the game for precautionary measures. The Kings will travel to New Orleans on Tuesday for a game with the Pelicans and at the moment It is not clear whether or not Joeger will accompany them.

Turner, who stood in for Joeger for the remainder of Sunday’s contest said that Joerger was “ok” and explained that it is not uncommon to feel lightheaded when moving to stand at a fast rate from a seated position. Turner also expressed that Joeger was probably fine to finish the contest but all involved felt it best to exercise caution in the matter.

Players on the court were not aware of the happenings on the sideline but were alarmed upon noticing there coach was no longer available. The fears of players were calmed at halftime when Joerger was able to address them before they returned to the court for the second half of the contest.

Vince Carter, a well-veteran currently playing for the Kings was on the bench at the time and said that it was difficult for him to see his coach being led from the court in that manner. Carter also said that he and teammates wanted to finish the game playing with the enthusiasm that Coach Joerger has recently encouraged them to play. This approach has resulted in back to back road wins for the team.

The Kings would have a one-point lead at halftime but the second have did not go as well and the Kings would eventually lose the game 113-98.

The Kings hit a season-high 18 shots from behind the 3-point line but could not protect the rim against the Spurs while losing the battle in the paint by a 50-20 margin.

Carter would go on to score 21 points in the contest to go along with 19 for starting guard George Hill.