Returning Garcon To Be a Big Help for Jimmy Garoppolo

 San Francisco 49ers

Garcon's Return Will Ensure Jimmy Garoppolo Gets All the Help

When wide receiver Pierre Garcon was signed to the San Francisco 49ers before the start of the 2017 season, the intention was that he would bring some experience and stability to the team's roster.

Garcon did just that, reeling in forty receptions for 500 receiving yards. However, by the end of week 8, Garcon suffered neck injury in the game versus Philadelphia and remained on injured reserve for the rest of the season. The good news is that now the Niners are excited for his return to form for the 2018 season and now Garcon has the opportunity to become an excellent wideout for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

As of now, Garcon is signed on for four more years with a deal that can be worth up to $47.5 million, and is likely to be Garoppolo's favorite target for the upcoming season due to his ability to run routes, leadership and catching ability. There are also some other receivers who showed some substance last season such as Marquise Goodwin and Trent Taylor, and they also have this year's second-round pick, Dante Pettis, as an exciting factor in addition to the others.

It's obvious that Garcon is expected to be completely healthy for 2018 and he's also excited to start catching passes from Garoppolo. In an interview, he mentioned that being an older, more experienced member of the 49ers wide receiver corps means that he can be the prime example for how receivers on the team can be, thinking back on his time with the Washington Redskins when he had to do the same.

Statistically speaking, Garcon has been among the most reliable receivers in the league, being in the top five for lowest dropped pass rating since 2015. He's also been a very durable player too, only missing just two games over the last four seasons, at least until his neck injury that happened last year. In fact in 2013, he led the NFL in catches, snagging 113 total passes for 1,346 yards and five touchdowns to match.