Responding to Facebook post, viewers send 72 shirts to mother of autistic child

Responding to Facebook post, viewers send 72 shirts to mother of autistic child

Deborah GrimshawSkouson, a resident of St. George, Utah, is mother of an autistic child. She like every mother would do anything to make her child have everything that is wished. But she found herself in a difficult situation because shirts that her little girl was using for years needed replacement and she could not find same shirts. But she went to post on Facebook and asked for help from friends. Soon she received as many as 72 items of the same shirt.

Cami, the daughter and the autistic girl, liked a shirt five years ago from Target. Then she was in kindergarten. She liked it so much that she did not leave it ever since. In an August 7Facebook post,Skouson mentioned that they purchased five of the pink shirts that have flowers on them. Most were bought from eBay after buying the original.

The problem came when the last shirt left became impossible to be worn. So they started hunting for the shirt again, but they did not find that on ebay. “We need another ‘pink flower shirt,’ so will you please share this post or even just the photo? We will pay for the shirt and the shipping if someone would be kind enough to sell it to us. It has to be this exact shirt”,Skouson wrote on Facebook.

The post since has received 5,000 shares when Facebook page Love What Matters spread it further. The Love What Matters post has more than 13,000 shares. The Facebook page promotes positive stories. The responses were this great that the mother received 78 of the shirts to help her child. Skouson posted on the Love What Matters page on Sunday about the responses of the viewers. She feels very content to be helped.