Report: “Major” European studio is working on VR game for Xbox One

Report: “Major” European studio is working on VR game for Xbox One

In a recently-released report, ArsTechnica has revealed that a virtual reality (VR) game for Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console is being developed by an unidentified but “major” European game development studio.

According to the report, the VR game for Xbox One will likely be launched in 2017. The game -- which is also apparently in development for Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming console, and PCs -- will probably be introduced at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo scheduled to be held in Los Angeles in June.

The ArsTechnica report is based on the information provided to it by a “well-known” Europe-based developer. According to the information received by ArsTechnica, the forthcoming Xbox One VR game will be part of “an established, long-running franchise.” The game’s working title reportedly featured the acronym ‘VR.’

ArsTechnica has also revealed that the game is reportedly developed with VR headsets in mind, which implies that the game “isn’t merely a VR-compatible game that happens to have a more traditional Xbox One version.”

The report about the first Xbox One VR game has triggered speculations about a possible revision to Xbox One hardware. Currently, the Xbox One lacks support for VR headsets, but earlier-this-week rumors have hinted that Microsoft is planning to roll Oculus Rift compatibility for the console when its revised hardware -- reportedly codenamed ‘Scorpio’ -- hits retail in 2017.