Recent Victims of California Fire Returning Home

California Fire Victims

Throughout the past week, much of California's wine country has been devastated by wildfires. These fires have devastated large areas of California including both homes and businesses. Many cities within California have received evacuation orders. Certain residents hit by early portions of these wildfires have finally been called upon to return home.

The recent wave of wildfires spreading throughout California has claimed 40 lives. Many structures throughout California have been destroyed by flames. It is estimated that nearly 5,700 homes and structures have fallen victim to this recent wave of dangerous fires. Certain Californians were lucky to find their homes still standing while others came back to find a pile of rubble.

Many within the State of California feel optimistic that this recent bout of wildfires is nearing an end. Los Angeles Daily News reports there is currently a 25% reduction in residents needing to evacuate. However, this reduction in evacuations is no indication that these fires are done threatening California anytime soon.

Authorities are currently dealing with the major issue of missing individuals. There are officially thousands of residents throughout California towns who are currently considered missing. Experts indicate many missing individuals have not returned to their homes yet, making them not actual missing persons. Sonoma County in California has been hit especially hard by the recent wildfires. Over 1,500 of the 1,700 missing individuals in Sonoma County have been found to be alive and well.

In summary, the state of California has recently been hit by a wave of wildfires. These fires have charred miles of land while destroying homes and businesses along the way. Authorities in California have worked hard to reduce the recent impact these fires have had across the state. Structures in California that were hit by wildfires are currently in various states of disrepair. Certain residents that were forced to evacuate their homes from early fires have been allowed to revisit their homes and rebuild their lives again.