Queens of the Stone Age Frontman Kicks Female Photographer at Los Angeles Concert

Josh Homme

A Queens of the Stone Age concert ended abruptly for one attendee, when she was kicked in the head by singer Josh Homme. Photographer Chelsea Lauren shared a video of the incident on Instragram, showing a deliberate kick to her head, as the singer moved across the stage.
Chelsea Lauren Posted Her Video from the Emergency Room
The incident happened at a Los Angeles concert on Saturday night, where Ms. Lauren was taking photographs of the band as they performed. The photographer says she was in the front row, performing the function of her job as a photographer, and not in an area that was restricted to her. As she later stated, her whereabouts wouldn't have been cause for that type of assault anyway.
Posting from Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Chelsea shared a video of the incident. In the post, Josh Homme can be seen prancing about the stage in the performance of the song. As he walks back to his previous position on the stage, the Queens of the Stone Age singer can be seen kicking Lauren in the head. The sweeping motion of his leg seemed to stretch to reach the photographer, adding weight to Chelsea's allegations that the kick was deliberate.
"I now get to spend my night in the ER. Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?" Ms. Lauren captioned the video.
Josh Homme Has Issued a Public Apology
The Queens of the Stone Age frontman has since released a public apology to Ms. Lauren, which he tweeted from the band's official page. In the statement, Homme says he was caught up in the moment of the performance and hadn't realized that he had kicked over equipment as he danced on stage. He added that he wouldn't purposely harm anyone, whether the individual was a fan or someone working at one of his band's concerts.
"I hope Chelsea will accept my sincere apology," Homme stated in the last portion of the statement.
Responding to a flood of concern from her followers, Chelsea said that she has a sore neck, bruised eyebrow, and feels nauseous. She added that she still believes Josh's kick was deliberate and shared pictures of the singer smiling at her from the stage, just prior to the kick. The photographer points out that assault is always wrong, regardless of the circumstances.
Chelsea made a point to clarify she doesn't hold anyone else involved with the Queens of the Stone Age concert responsible for the incident. KROQ, the radio station sponsoring the concert, was not to blame, says Chelsea Lauren, adding that she continues to support the station. The photographer has thanked her fans for their concern on several social media platforms, letting her followers know their kind words are comforting.