Quartz launches innovative new app for iOS; Android version in works

Quartz launches innovative new app for iOS; Android version in works

On Wednesday, business news site Quartz announced the rollout of its innovative new app for the Apple iOS platform. The app - the first ever from Quartz - converts news stories into an interactive streaming text conversation

Announcing the launch of the iOS version of its new app, Quartz said that it also has efforts underway to launch the app's Android version in the future. Meanwhile, the main iPhone app is accompanied by a Today Widget for iOS as well as an app for the Apple Watch smartwatch. The Quartz app for Apple Watch has been customized to give users a quick look at incoming news updates.

The new app launched by Quartz has seemingly been inspired by the increasing popularity of text messaging which, as per a Pew Research report in 2015, text messaging is a much more popular feature among smartphone users as compared to voice or video calling, email, Web surfing, or video and music consumption.

The news feed unfolded by the Quartz app is fairly akin to Apple's iOS iMessages. The app displays incoming news, graphics and video clips as received messages; enabling users to "reply" by selecting one of the two canned responses which show up as blue bubbles.

The responses of the app users direct the flow of curated news segments, thus enabling the service to expand upon a given topic, or alternatively shift to some new subject of interest. News bubbles also come with links to full stories or related content.