Python Spotted at Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon

Visitors to Runyon Canyon, a favorite hiking spot of many area residents and tourists, have recently reported sightings of a large python near one of the entrances to the trail.

ABC7 reports of these sightings early on Saturday, with a hiker by the name of Jacob Rohn managing to get pictures and video footage of the reptile near the Fuller Avenue entrance. According to his testimony and photographs, the snake was approximately four feet in length and was moving sluggishly, appearing to have recently eaten as indicated by an enlarged midsection.

"It seemed to be having a pretty good time," he said. "It seemed to feel pretty comfortable in Runyon. It was not running away from people, that's for sure." Others who saw the snake were alarmed by its presence, attempting to contact park rangers or animal control for help. They have been unable to catch the snake so far, however.

Rohn is an avid wildlife photographer. On his hikes, he frequently records and photographs the animals and nature he encounters along the way. This was the first time he had seen a python in the wild. "This year I've seen, I'd say, more snakes than I've seen in previous years - rattlesnakes, rat snakes."

During the encounter, Rohn claims the snake lifted its head in his direction, possibly to strike. This caused concern for his safety as well as that of his dog Breezy, who accompanied him on this and many other hikes. Thankfully, nothing came of this exchange and the two groups parted ways without any incident.

The snake is still at large and assumed to be within the area. It's currently unknown how it arrived there, as pythons are not common to Runyon Canyon. Those missing pets are advised to call animal control, and pet owners are encouraged to keep watch over their animals until the snake can be contained.