Practical Advice From Igor Cornelsen Provides Insight Into Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Investment banking typically involves a private company providing financial services to clients, corporations, government agencies, or other organizations, in order to raise market capital and maintain high yield returns in investments. Investors generally seek investment assistance for mergers and acquisitions, marketing strategies, trading of derivatives, equity securities, and fixed income instruments, currencies and commodities (FICC). Effective investing requires an advising agent to ensure that the raising of financial capital continues. It requires seeking the advice from leading advisors, such as Igor Cornelsen, a leading financial investment advisor.


Igor Cornelsen is well-able to provide solutions and advice to many of those investors by using almost four decades of investment experience and knowledge. Born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4, 1947, Igor came into a time when there was a long period of interrelated political and economic changes. Igor initially did not enter into investment banking and financial advising, but instead sought an education in engineering as his career path. He enrolled in the University of Parana to study economics, which is one of Latin-America’s top ranking universities and listed as number nine within Brazil.


Igor continued his economic career path after graduating in 1970 and landed a position as an investment banker for a prestigious firm in Rio de Janeiro. During that time, Igor was able to build a respectable and trustworthy reputation as someone who could produce outstanding results. During the 70’s era, Igor’s understanding and exclusive knowledge of compounding interest rates provided him a significant advantage for being highly valuable to investors, at a time when the formulation of interest rates was not being completed by computers and calculators, as they are today. By 1976, Igor Cornelsen was made Chief Executive Officer of Multibanco, which was later acquired by Bank of America. He was later chosen as a chief consultant for Bainbridge investments, leading many mergers and acquisitions for the firm.


Today, Igor gives sound advice by using decades of skill and unique experience from several investment deals throughout his exceptional career.


Because people can generally become overwhelmed with investing, Igor makes it well-known that it can be difficult and extremely risky for those who do not understand the basic principles of how to invest. Igor says that even experienced and beginner investors must know the rules and follow principled guidelines in order for investments to produce intended outcomes. He believes that investors who are better able to entrench themselves with principled knowledge are those who are better able to succeed with investments and have the greatest potential for minimizing risks.


According to Igor, an investor is always at risk of losing money regardless how advantageous the chances are for a high-end return, but those risks can be significantly reduced with precise action. “If an investment is costing a person money, then [that person] should get out of it as quickly as possible...The purpose of investing is to make money and investors should never forget this,” says Igor Cornelsen in his PRNewsChannel piece.


Igor’s investment specialty is in portfolio diversification. He counsels all of his clients on the importance of diversification. Whether it’s during the highest capital growth period or the slowest downturn in the economy, Igor’s advice is to diversify in order to minimize risks. He also believes that having a streamlined approach towards diversification will enable investors to gain more revenue from a variety of resources; however, he believes that it’s just as important to include risky investment ventures as there are sound investment opportunities.


While many of Igor’s clients are usually from big businesses and large corporations, he still counsels clients that are relatively new to investing. He has a consistent principle in advising clients very early that investing is for the long-term investor and that there aren’t any fast and furious high yield returns when it comes to ethical investments. However, Igor believes that young investors should be aggressive towards becoming financially stable and secure greater wealth for their future.


According to recent statistics released by the Federal Reserve, more than 50 percent of Americans that are under the age of 30 are not prepared with any savings for retirement whatsoever. Igor sees this as a waste of money being left available for people to capitalize on compounding interest. Igor states, "Interest that earns on top of [other] interest is a great way to save for retirement." He advises clients to begin as early as age 25 to start thinking about retirement in order to safeguard their future and possibly triple retirement income.


For Igor, making intelligent investments means that a person has to become a different type of thinker. An investor must be able to take risks and go beyond their basic understanding and away from what is perceived as their comfort zone for investing. Igor recommends that investors stay away from market trends and hype, which he believes should never be a part of a long-term strategy. Igor’s investment strategy is to first consider a company’s potential and then analyze how productive the company can become. He cautions people to reconsider their thought-process on what is considered as productive. Igor has learned through years of trial and error that productivity is relative.


In the end, Igor says that investing comes down to understanding, as an investor, a person becomes a part-owner in a business, which means that person has to take control of whatever percentage is invested for the long-term. Read more about Igor's historic career on