Possible Ban On Food Containers

Food Container

Los Angeles County has frequently been a place that leads the charge towards change. Many people live in the county, and many different issues arise for public attention. The one that has gained some spotlight in certain circles recently is about litter in the oceans.

There are actual islands that are swamped with garbage from people who simply discard their trash on the ground once they are done with it. That trash has to go somewhere, and it inevitably ends up gathering around certain islands in the area. Los Angeles County is getting pretty fed up with the way that this keeps happening, and they are currently considering a possible ban on certain food containers.

The synthetic material used in many food containers is so light that it can be easily blown around by the wind. Even those who are disposing of their food containers properly in the trash cans can end up being a part of the problem as well. Their containers may end up blown away from the top of overflowing trash cans and end up in the oceans as well.

This is not the first time that a ban on these materials has been suggested. It was first mentioned in 2011. At that point the county did not enact the ban, but it is once again being considered. The county in 2011 was waiting on a state bill from the legislature that would have enforced the ban throughout the entire state. However, that bill was never voted upon. The same state bill was recently also considered but has died as well.

Los Angeles County may be finally ready to act on its own on this issue. They have been hesitant to do so up to this point. The county would seemingly prefer that the state deal with this issue. However, since it does not appear that it is going to at this time, the county might take matters into its own hands.

The battle has pitted organizations such as the Sierra Club, Heal The Bay, and the Surfrider Foundation against the likes of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, BizFed, and the California Grocers Association. They all see different sides of this issue largely depending on what their own particular interests are as an organization. At this point, there has not been a resolution to the issue. It continues to rage on and will be interesting to watch play out.