Police Looking For Answers After Finding Woman Dead In Parking Lot

Police officers received a report about a woman in a Santa Fe parking lot. When they arrived, they discovered that the woman was dead. The woman was found in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 20. Officers quickly secured the scene and worked to gather information about who this woman was and how she died. A call was made to local law enforcement shortly after midnight by someone who was walking near the parking lot at the time.

Information was released to the police department's Facebook page to reach out to the public to try to find someone who saw anything pertaining to the woman. Officers worked for a few hours to find out the woman's name and address. They also worked to get any video surveillance so that they could try to see if there were any suspicious cars or people in the area at the time the woman's body was found. The woman was taken to the proper medical personnel to find out how she died. Officers are not revealing whether the woman had any defensive wounds or if there were any injuries that would suggest that she was attacked.

When the caller made the report to the police department, the person was walking through the area and saw the woman on the ground. The caller did not know whether the woman was alive or not. An initial investigation has revealed that the woman is about 45 years old and is a Latina. Officers are reaching out to people in the city to find out if anyone has made a missing persons report or if anyone knows of a family member who didn't return home. The woman was face down when she was found, which could indicate that she passed out or that she was struck in the back of the head or from behind. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Whittier Police Department.