Pokémon GO updated; gets new ‘Pokémon Appraisal’ feature

Pokémon GO updated; gets new ‘Pokémon Appraisal’ feature

Game developer Niantic Labs has rolled out a new update to its astoundingly popular, July-launched mobile game, Pokémon GO. The update introduces a new feature -- called ‘Pokémon Appraisal’ -- to the game.

The release of the new ‘Pokémon Appraisal’ ability by Niantic finally gives a job to the intangible team leaders, who now have to teach the players about the attack and defense capabilities of a Pokémon.

To benefit from the new ‘Pokémon Appraisal’ feature, Pokémon GO players have to go to their Pokémon screen, and tap on the Pokémon they want to know more about. For opening the menu, players have to tap the round button in the lower right side of the screen; and then tap the ‘Appraise’ option, rather than trading the Pokémon in for candy.

When the ‘Appraise’ option is tapped, the Pokémon GO players’ team leader -- Candela, Blanche or Spark -- will show up on the screen; and ask the players whether they want to gain more information about the selected Pokémon.

Players have to tap on the screen to read the text related to the Pokémon; and tap once again to continue the conversation. The team leaders will unfold a number of screens to the players to apprise them about the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokémon.