Pence walks out on Colts game before heading to California

Mike Pence

Mike Pence recently walked out of a Colts game because the players did not stand for the national anthem. The Vice President and former governor of Indiana walked out. While Twitter users were busy providing their commentary about this action, the vice president started to get ready for a planned trip to California. The trip is part of fundraising for pre-2018 Republican midterm election campaigns. Some Republicans have indicated that they would prefer not to have Donald Trump campaign for them.

While in California, the vice president will engage in fundraising. The fundraising efforts are scheduled to start this evening, and it is unknown if his silent protest at the Indianapolis Colts game will effect his efforts. Pence already faces an uphill battle because California voted overwhelmingly against the candidate.

While his protest against the football protest may play well with the Republican base, even many members of the president’s own party see Trump’s behavior as bizarre. Recently, retiring Senator Corker referred stated that the White House has become an adult day care center, and someone frequently misses their Sunday morning shift.

Pence has managed to keep a lower profile since becoming vice president.While serving as governor of Indiana he introduced several controversial policies. His attempt to pass a religious freedom restoration act bill backfired and he had to sign additional LGBT protections into state law as a result of the corporate backlash.Even NASCAR threatened to pull out of the state if the bill became law.

Many critics of the Trump administration believe that Pence is responsible for the rollback of LGBT rights that has occurred during the current administration. Trump announced the policy of no longer letting transgender members serve in the military, and he has rescinded Obama-era guidelines on how schools are to handle the bathroom usage of transgender students.