Pebble: ‘Core’ will come with Amazon Alexa voice-recognition services

Pebble: ‘Core’ will come with Amazon Alexa voice-recognition services

In a recent announcement, smartwatch maker Pebble has revealed that its forthcoming ‘Pebble Core’ wearable device will include Amazon Alexa voice-recognition services.

Pebble Core – which is scheduled for launch in January 2017 – is Pebble’s first non-watch device, for which the company launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on May 24. The device will retail for $99 when it goes on sale; though for Kickstarter backers it was initially available for $69 before it was sold out, and can now be pledged for $79.

The Core -- a tiny Android device with a button -- is an upcoming 3G-connected wearable device from Pebble. It is basically a fitness tracker, music player and GPS tracker which can be used without a smartphone.

Revealing that Pebble Core customizable wearable device will boast integration with Amazon Alexa voice assistant, Pebble said that the device will give users the ability to employ voice control for different tasks, like getting weather and traffic updates, ordering pizza, and even shopping for items on, among others.

Asserting that Pebble has been a longtime admirer of the powerful voice services delivered by Amazon Alexa, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky said in Thursday post on the Pebble Blog: "Experiencing Amazon Alexa on-the-go right from Pebble Core is game-changing for wearable technology."