PayPal overhauls its iOS and Android mobile app

PayPal overhauls its iOS and Android mobile app

Bigwig payments company PayPal has rolled out a major overhaul to its mobile app for the iOS and Android platforms. The redesign which PayPal has given to the app changes it from an old-fashioned and somewhat confusing mobile payment product to a modern, slick and easy-to-use app.

As a result of the revamp which PayPal has unfolded for its iOS and Android mobile app, a number of new features have now been introduced for the app; thereby giving it a much cleaner and more streamlined look.

Moreover, PayPal has also ensured that its overhauled iOS and Android mobile app brings into prominence one of the app’s most widely-used features --- that is, sending peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

In fact, the app redesign largely pivots around the P2P transactions feature, largely because – going by PayPal’s claims – the company has recorded a 100 percent growth in the number of P2P transactions in the past two years.

Meanwhile, other than giving prominence to P2P transactions, the revamped PayPal app for iOS and Android also enhances the home screen, which now shows information like transaction details, pending payment requests, and recent contacts.