Parishioners pray for mudslide victims

mudslide victims

Believers are continuously praying for the victims of the mudslide which occurred in the past week. Parishioners are conducting prayers sessions so that the families that have not yet recovered their family members can still be hopeful. Many victims are still trapped under the deadly mudslides.

A number of churches in Montecito still remain out of bounds since an evacuation was carried out for people to move to the neighboring towns. Prayer sessions were then carried out in neighboring towns. Believers in Santa Barbara church converged to mourn and prayed for the families who lost their loved ones and still hoped that their bodies will be recovered.

The parishioners said that the affected victims were their family, neighbors and friends whom they lived with for long period of time. Meanwhile technicians, firefighters and disaster management team continued to carry out stability checks on the remaining structures of the homes that were damaged by the mudslide. The mudslide left homes totally damaged and family cars toppled and mangled.

On Sunday, the recovery authorities recovered another body raising the death toll number to around 20. A group of elected officials from Montecito were organizing a candlelight vigil for all the victims’ of the catastrophic mudslide that occurred in the past week. The candle lighting was reported to take place in southern California.

As the recovery mission continued the team reported that they were removing all the boulders and mud covering a vast surface of the area .The Montecito organizers urged the residents to remain hopeful and strong. The officials further said that the event will take place at courthouse sunken Garden at around 5.All people were invited as it was a mixed faith service.

The storms damaged over 70 homes leaving residents who survived homeless. Hannah miller who had attended a service at Trinity Episcopal Church said that the mudslide was awful and that it did leave the whole community in shock and total in devastation. She further said that everyone knew one or two people that were affected and that the only thing to do is pray that the recovery team find those people that are missing.

Robert Lewin an official at the Santa Barbara County said that all the debris should be removed, if not then the area won’t be prepared enough incase another storm happened to fall. He continued further to say that the mudslide was as a result of the bare ground that was cleared by the wild fires that took place in December.