PAHO declares Americas Measles-Free

PAHO declares AmericasMeasles-Free

Efforts to vaccinate kids against measlesfinally providegood result as the Americas has been declared as the first region to eliminate the serious viral infection. Every country in North, South and Central Americais free from measles, announcedthe Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)in a statement.

A national is declared free from a disease of epidemic if it receives no new case for about three years.

The last reported cases of the infection inLatin American nations were more than a decade ago. The report by PAHO is now to be reviewed and an international committee of experts. To generate it, PAHO officials collected data from all nations in the Americas from 2015 to this August.

Today, the Americashas no home case ofmeasles, saidPAHOdirectorCarissa Etienne, who called the disease’ elimination anamazing milestone. These kinds of goals are achieved only when nations work together and show dedication, Etienne added.

Elimination doesn’t mean stop caring about the disease, and focus on other matters, saidPAHO officials. They said the next target is to maintain the gains and keep on vaccinating kids. According to them, the disease could be brought to the region again by those who travel to regions where measlesis still a problem.

Susan Reef, a researcher fromthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that risk of measlesre-entering the region should always be considered as the disease is just one journey through plane is away.

In the US,measles became headline when cases of the disease came fromCalifornia’sDisneyland. Experts said that someunvaccinated kids that time came in contact withpeople from overseas.Reef said it is important to keep working in the arena to eliminate such occurrences again.