Orange County Inmates Daring Escape


NBC4 acquired a cell phone video taken that showed the escape of three men from a maximum-security wing of an Orange County jail last year. The video shows scenes of their escape throughout the jail and time after on the run. The trio had evaded a manhunt for over a week before two were caught in San Francisco and the third turned himself in. The video was given to the station from a lawyer connected to the case and includes the video of their escape, news clips concerning their escape and voice-overs from one of the men offering his version of the events.

The clip first provides video of Module F, a maximum security dorm room where all three men were housed. No one knows how the inmates were able to get the cellphone and were able to record in the room without being seen. Adam Hossein Nayeri, one of the men who escaped, is heard speaking on the video. Many inmates that are seen on the video seem to know that Nayeri is recording but do not react to it, except for Bac Duong, one of the other escapees. He smiles brightly when the video is on him.

After Nayeri records in the security dorm room, he shows how the men were able to escape. Nayeri lifts up a sawed-off leg on his bunk bed, showing a cut metal screen that is set aside before they all disappear into a vent. The three inmates crawled through plumbing shafts that run through the walls of the jail, dropping bits of cloth behind them as they went. Nayeri can be seen giving a thumbs up to the camera during their crawl through the shafts. The trio, including Jonathan Tieu, move more metal bars as they approach the last part of their route, the rooftop of the Orange County Jail. However, the video doesn’t show exactly how they got down to the ground, but those working on the case speculate that they used makeshift rappelling ropes. Nayeri can be heard saying that new clothes, a toolbox, duffle bag and industrial rope were waiting for them at the bottom. The video then cuts to footage from inside of a white van, where the men slept. Long Ma, the taxi driver who the trio is charged with kidnapping, is also in the video. He drove the three escapees north.

Duong turned himself in after returning to Santa Ana while Nayeri and Tieu were subsequently caught by police in San Francisco.