Orange Coast College Hosts Rare Corpse Flower

Orange Coast College is set to host thousands of visitors anxious to get a glimpse and maybe a whiff of Little Dougie, a corpse flower that only blooms on very rare occasions. While these flowers are said to be beautiful once they decide to bloom, they are also known for the quite pungent odor they omit, which has been described as similar to something dying. Readers should not be fooled by this flower's nickname because there is nothing little about Little Dougie. This specimen already weighs more than 30 pounds, and some corpse flowers can grow to weigh as much as 200 pounds at their peak.

Horticulture enthusiasts wait for as long as around 10 years to catch the first bloom of the corpse flower. After that, they are generally expected to bloom once every three years or so. The beautiful bloom only lasts for about two days, which is why so many visitors to Orange Coast College are waiting expectantly to see the bloom in person. You can expect to see a ring of magenta flowers around the base, which are described as vibrant and delicate. The center of the flower boasts a tall vertical spike, which is impressive on its own accord.

The last time that a corpse flower was set to bloom at Orange Coast College in 2014, more than 1,000 visitors flocked to take a peek and snap some pictures. It was most certainly one of the highlights of the year for the horticulture department at Orange Coast College. The college is aware that some people may not be a fan of the powerful odor from the corpse power and wanted to still be able to accommodate those interested in learning more about it. The corpse flower can be viewed online from the college's webcam. If you decide to take a trip to the Fullerton Arboretum at Orange Coast College to catch a glimpse in person, the horticulture is suggesting a donation of at least $3 to support the cutting-edge research and projects that Orange Coast College brings to the public each year.

Since Orange Coast College was founded in 1947, it has grown to serve more than 24,000 undergraduate students each year and is one of the largest colleges in Orange County. This institution has gained recognition around the country as one of the strongest choices for undergraduate students to transfer to a four-year degree at another California university. It specializes in offering two-year associate of art and science degrees for students of all economic and cultural backgrounds. Orange Coast College also has a successful trade and skilled professions program to help students prepare themselves directly for a job in the workforce. The educational value of earning a two-year degree from Orange Coast College is almost unmatched by any other institution, especially as the cost of education continues to rise across the state. Orange Coast College has always prioritized making its educational opportunities available to as many different students as possible and not making cost a barrier to students achieving their full academic and professional potential.

Although Orange Coast College is known primarily as a commuter college because of the types of academic programs it offers and the student population it serves, it has still built a strong community for the student body. Orange Coast College offers a wide variety of clubs, sports and activities for students to enjoy. The student body tends to be very active outside the classroom, and student activism is strongly encouraged at this institution. Students say that they find plenty of support from faculty and staff to embrace any new type of activity that they are interested in. The faculty at Orange Coast College is known for being engaged in extracurricular activities and taking an active role in mentoring students to reach their full personal and academic potential.

In addition to attracting some of the top teaching talent to enhance the rigor of its academic programs, Orange Coast College has been busy lately in increasing the number of construction projects around its campus. Orange Coast College has the distinct honor of being one of the only two-year programs in California to have its own Starbucks location on campus. Students at Orange Coast College also enjoy the new library, which was built in 2008. There is certainly no shortage of resources available to students at Orange Coast College, which is why it has become one of the most recommended arts and sciences programs in the area. The Lewis Science Building on campus was recently remodeled to include an upgrade of some of the most advanced technology.

Another way that Orange Coast College has set itself apart from other two-year programs in its peer group is by publishing the Coastal Report, a student run newspaper that distributes about 5,000 copies on campus weekly. This has been credited as a fantastic program for students interested in pursuing a career in journalism or writing. Students are able to take initiative to write and publish timely articles under the guidance of seasoned journalists and editors. Orange Coast College is committed to investing significant resources in continuing to make the newspaper a prime opportunity for future journalists to cut their teeth.

The athletics department at Orange Coast College offers some of the most beautiful training facilities for all different kinds of sports programs. Orange Coast College has almost seven decades of history in participating in regional, state and national conference championships in dozens of different events. Students are coached by some of the best coaches in the state and are provided with all of the resources necessary to take their training to the next level. The comradery and friendships formed through the sports programs at Orange Coast College are priceless and can last a lifetime. Students say that some of their best memories from attending Orange Coast College were made on the sports field. The opportunities for networking and endless no matter which activities students choose to engage in at Orange Coast College.

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