Orange Coast College Architecture Students Tour Aura Community

DeNova Homes recently sponsored an educational event and invited more than 40 architecture students from Orange Coast College to attend. OCC is one of the top-rated transfer schools in the country. The event was held to promote community outreach. President Alan Toffoli of DeNova Homes addressed the students before they toured model houses. The students also toured the Aura construction site in Costa Mesa.

Why DeNova Chose Aura

Mr. Toffoli said that DeNova Homes is dedicated to giving back to the community. Also, the company is passionate about helping talented young architects and students develop their skills. DeNova Homes chose the Aura construction site because of the unique features that were planned for the homes. The site includes 33 individual structures that were designed with Orange County's unique coastal charm in mind. Aura reflects the innovation that architecture activists are hoping to see more of by spreading awareness of architectural psychology, which is a discipline that focuses on how buildings or neighborhoods affect the well-being of occupants.

The Aura community shows a deep consideration for the unique culture of Orange County and the needs of Southern California residents. There are three floor plans available in the Aura community. Each two-story home plan has either three or four bedrooms. Residents will enjoy up to 2,400 square feet of space depending on the chosen floor plan. Each home offers a two-car attached garage, a driveway and a private yard.

Aura's homes were designed with three separate elevation levels of landscaping. The new community is only a mile from the coast, which makes it an ideal location for beach enthusiasts and surfers. It is strategically situated near popular restaurants and attractions. While most Southern California homes that are under a mile from the coastline are priced well over $1.5 million, Aura's prices start in the $800,000 range.

Mr. Toffoli and his team at DeNova Homes were glad that the OCC architecture students were able to see the many innovations of Aura. The experience gave the students a firsthand look at how to incorporate local culture and the needs of a community into architectural designs. DeNova Homes has maintained a strong reputation for quality home construction for more than two decades. The family business is devoted to addressing communities individually to produce structures that promote growth and well-being for all occupants. Mr. Toffoli said that he was thankful for the opportunity to encourage OCC's students to become tomorrow's leaders of positive change.

About Orange Coast College In Costa Mesa

Orange Coast College started in 1948. Today, it is one of Orange County's largest community colleges with an average annual enrollment of 24,000 students. The school started after city voters supported a measure to build a local college. At one time, the Santa Ana Army Air Base occupied the land where the school stands today. The War Assets Administration approved the community's request to build a college on the land. Plans for the school started in 1947, and the first classes were offered a year later. A crew of 35 people built the school by turning the former military base's buildings into functional educational facilities. The existing living quarters were turned into housing for single and married students. Base homes were used for faculty housing. The campus was partially renovated in the 1950s, and several original Army buildings were replaced with modern structures in the 1970s. In 2015, plans were developed to replace some buildings in the center of the campus with a large park.

OCC offers two-year degrees in multiple fields. It also has several certificate programs. Most students who attend OCC transfer to one of the University of California or California State University campuses in the Los Angeles metro area. In comparison with tuition rates of state colleges and universities, OCC offers essential undergraduate classes for about one-tenth of the cost. The school also has an easier and cheaper application process in comparison with state colleges and universities.

The Orange Coast College Foundation received an unusual donation in 2002. An island near the coast of Canada was donated to the institution for the benefit of the Orange Coast College School of Sailing & Seamanship. Students worked hard to rehabilitate the island. There were multiple ecology and biology classes and projects that took place on the island each year. Professors and students enjoyed using the island to research marine life in the surrounding waters and microorganisms on the island. The school sold the island in 2008. OCC is known for its sports teams and social clubs. Additionally, OCC is known for the Coast Report, which is its campus newspaper. The publication is printed weekly with paper copies still distributed to many parts of the campus. To help reduce environmental impact as readership grows, the school offers an online version of the publication.