Opera adds new ‘low-power mode’ to its desktop browser

Opera adds new ‘low-power mode’ to its desktop browser

In a recently published blog post, Opera has revealed that it is adding a dedicated 'low-power mode' to its popular desktop browser.

Announcing the new power-saving mode, Opera said that the new mode will first be rolled out as part of a developer edition of the Opera 39 browser for Mac computers as well as Windows PCs.

According to the details shared by Opera's Pawel Miniewicz in the recent blog post, the new 'low-power mode' being added to the desktop version of the Opera browser will be able to extend the user's battery life by up to almost 50 percent while browsing, as compared to other browsers.

Miniewicz's '50 percent increase in battery life' claim is backed up by some notable statistics and a list of hardware used during a recent testing of the 'low-power mode' of the Opera desktop browser.

For the tests, Opera used two platforms -- a Lenovo ThinkPad X250 with 16GB memory; and a Dell XPS 13 with 16GB of memory -- both of which ran a copy of Microsoft's 64-bit version of Windows 10; and Selenium WebDriver software.

The testing revealed that the battery of both laptops lasted 1 hour and 54 minutes when Google Chrome was used; and 1 hour 58 minutes when Opera was used with the power-saving mode turned off. But, when Opera's power-saving mode was turned on, the battery lasted for 2 hours 56 minutes; thereby underscoring a noteworthy 49 percent increase in battery life.