Oculus launches two new features for Gear VR --- ‘Parties’ and ‘Rooms’

Oculus launches two new features for Gear VR --- ‘Parties’ and ‘Rooms’

In an announcement made on Friday, Facebook-owned Oculus said that it is rolling out two new features for the Samsung Gear VR headset. The two features are called ‘Parties’ and ‘Rooms.’

In announcing the new ‘Parties’ and ‘Rooms’ features for the Samsung Gear VR headset, Oculus said that the two features will evidently encourage users to interact with one another in a virtual hangout; thereby making the Gear VR headset social with voice chat and virtual living rooms.

According to the details shared by Oculus, the new ‘Parties’ feature unfolds a simple chat system, fairly similar to the game chat for PlayStation or Xbox gaming consoles. The feature basically gives Gear VR users the ability to leap into a voice call and talk with others while wearing the headset.

The ‘Rooms’ feature, on the other hand, unfolds a completely new way for Gear VR users to interact with others in VR. With the help of the feature, users can meet up with their friends in a private VR hangout space -- for watching TV with friends, joking around, or pulling out a board game, among other things -- adorned like a futuristic living room.

About the Rooms feature, Oculus product manager Madhu Muthukumar said: “[Rooms] gives us a physical place where we can all go, and you can have interactions like you’re inviting you friends to your apartment.”