Oakland Raiders Dealing with Injuries at Key Positions

Oakland Raiders

Coming into the season, some people assumed that the Oakland Raiders would go on a deep playoff run. However, the season has not turned out the way many people expected. Not only has the offense been less productive, but injuries have occurred at key positions. Derek Carr is one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. However, he sustained an injury during the middle of the season that cost the Raiders are few games.

Looking ahead, it is still possible for the Raiders to make the playoffs. The Raiders play in one of the worst divisions in the NFL. However, they need to start winning games now in order to have a chance. The Raiders are having to deal with an injured kicker as well.

Defensive Issues

One of the biggest problems for the Raiders this year has been the defense. There are a lot of people who thought the Raiders would continue to have a stingy defense. However, the team is having trouble putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks. In the NFL, if you cannot get to the quarterback, it will be difficult to have success stopping anyone.

Looking ahead to the draft, the Raiders have various holes to fill on the team. They need to start making a plan to draft quality players who can meet the needs of the team. The Raiders still have enough talent to be competitive next year with the right additions.


Another major area of focus for the team needs to be on strength and conditioning. There have been numerous injuries occur this year, and it has cost the Raiders various games. In addition, the team seems to get tired towards the end of games. This is a direct result of poor strength and conditioning.

The Raiders need to get their players on a healthy diet and a better lifting program. With all of the new technology available, it is crucial to focus on this area of the team in order to have success. If the Raiders can avoid injuries at key positions next year, they should be in a great position to go to the playoffs.