Is North Korea Opening Up?

North Korea

There is definitely some hope and optimism on board in North Korea right now. The rest of the world is watching the actions of the leader of that country with anticipation and lately a creeping sense of optimism.

The latest news from HuffPost related to the situation between North and South Korea is that the young leader of the North Korean regime has seen a South Korean K-Pop performance put on in the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang. That is a big deal as usually South Korean culture is not allowed within the borders of the North. As a matter of fact, this was the first K-Pop performance put on in North Korea in more than a decade.

It is said that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was seen clapping to the tunes of the songs and even took the time to stop and take pictures with some of the performers in the show after it had concluded. That is incredibly far removed from the way that Kim's father and grandfather ran things when they were the leaders of North Korea.

Most of the world is hopeful that this is a new sign that perhaps the North Koreans are looking to join the rest of modern society and become a more cooperative nation on the world stage.

Some might look at this event and say that it was just a music concert and how can there be any real takeaway from what happened at a concert and what is likely to happen in terms of political change. That is a fair position to take. There may not be some massive change in politics just because the North Korean leader saw a South Korean show. It could end up being more for the good PR than anything else. However, we do know that it is at least an indication that the North Korean leadership is changing its stance on certain activities from South Korea being welcomed into its borders. That has to count for at least something.

North and South Korea remain technically at war with one another even to this day. Though the combat of the Korean War was fought all the way back in 1950-1953, the two Koreas have never actually signed a peace agreement with one another. They have only ever agreed to a cease fire. Therefore, any step towards progress is one that is going to be welcomed by most of the world.