No, You're Not Crazy--There Are More People In California

California Department of Finance

If you live in California and have a feeling that the place is more crowded, you may not be crazy. California's population is going up. The state is well-known for its current exodus of people, especially those who grew up in its once-larger middle class. However, there are more people coming into the state than going out.

According to the California Department of Finance, California's population went up by 309,000 in the previous year. As of the first day of 2018, there were about 39,810,000 people living in the state. Every year, there is a .78% increase in the growth rate of California's population.

The largest city in California is Los Angeles, with a population of about 4,054,400. The second largest city in the state in San Diego, which has a population of about 1,419,845. San Jose comes in third place, with a population of 1,051,316. San Francisco has a population of 883,963, and Oakland has a population of 428,827. Chino Hills has the highest percentage of growth, which is 4.6 percent. Dublin has a percentage of growth second to Chino Hills, and has a population of 63,241. The third fastest growing city is Newark, which has a population of 47,467.

In 2017, the entire state of California made about 85,000 new housing units. Los Angeles built the most housing units, numbering at 13,852. Irvine built 3,798 units, San Diego built 5,961 units, San Jose built 2,590 units and San Francisco built 4,464 units.

It is good to hear that more units have been built in California, considering the fact that there is currently a huge housing crisis. From all of the news about NIMBYs and plans to move homeless people into the backyards of homeowners, one would think that nothing is being built, at all. With the population explosion, one can only hope that California builds more housing units. Already, even well-accomplished professionals with money to spend are having a hard time finding housing.

The populations of cities in California are impressive, but they aren't really as impressive as other places. For example, the population of New York City—roughly 8,000,000--is more impressive, especially for a place that is very condensed in many areas. Also, the populations of the suburban neighborhoods outside of New York City rival the populations of various “cities” in California, such as Newark and Chino Hills. However, California is a much larger state that includes many more large, well-known cities. For the size of the state, certain areas are relatively jam-packed full of people, while large swathes of land have smaller populations.