Nintendo Switch launch cost in US could be just $250

Nintendo Switch launch cost in US could be just $250

According to recent indications and speculations based an early placeholder listing, the launch cost of Nintendo's forthcoming new gaming console - the Nintendo Switch - will probably be approximately US $250.

The upcoming Nintendo Switch gaming console - Nintendo's latest hybrid video game console - is scheduled to hit worldwide markets in March 2017. The new console was officially introduced by Nintendo in October 2016.

The expected $250 price of the Nintendo Switch console in the US underscores the speculations stemming from a placeholder listing of the console by the Canadian Toys 'R' Us site. As per the site's placeholder listing, Nintendo Switch console will be priced at $329.99 CAD, which means nearly US$244.

The mentioned cost of the new Nintendo Switch console in the US - indicative from the Canadian Toys 'R' Us site's placeholder price for the console - implies that Nintendo will seemingly launch its newest console at the same price-point as the 2006-launched Wii U console, provided that the company sticks to the current exchange rate.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that placeholder listings may not necessarily be indicative of the final product, it is reasonable to assume that - with the Nintendo Switch console slated for a March 2017 launch - Nintendo may have, after officially unveiling the console, informed the retailers about the console's price ahead of its launch.