Nexus users may get free unlimited storage to Google Photos

Nexus users may get free unlimited storage to Google Photos

An Android Police report has revealed that a forthcoming update for Google Photos’ Android application package (APK) hints at the possibility that users of Google’s Nexus devices may get free unlimited storage to Google Photos in the near future.

Though there has thus far been no official disclosure from Google about the new incentive that it is reportedly readying for Nexus owners, the Android Police team has recently discovered relevant codes in upcoming Google Photos APK update which indicate full Google Photos backup could soon be available to Nexus owners for free.

According to the Android Police report, the relevant code hinting at the imminent availability of free Google Photos backup to Nexus owners reads thus: “Unlimited free storage for original quality photos — videos uploaded from your Nexus device.”

The report is noteworthy because though unlimited storage is already offered by Google to the users of Google Photos, the company imposes a 16-megapixel cap on photo quality. As such, higher-resolution photos automatically get downsized to 16 megapixels. Moreover, as of now, the free Google Photos storage is also applicable to videos shot in 1080p HD format; with anything bigger than that getting downsized.

However, as a result of the imminent update to Google Photos Android app, Nexus owners will apparently get free, unlimited cloud storage for backup of photos and videos at the original image resolution.