Nextbit cancels CDMA Robin smartphone; backers to get full refund

Nextbit cancels CDMA Robin smartphone; backers to get full refund

In an announcement made via a recently published blog post, startup Nextbit has revealed that it has canceled the CDMA version of its Robin smartphone. The announcement implies that the Nextbit Robin handset will not be available for Verizon and Sprint networks.

Announcing the cancellation of the CDMA version of Nextbit's Robin handset, the company's CEO Tom Moss has offered an explanation of the difficulties being faced by the startup in bringing the handset to Verizon and Sprint.

Nextbit had launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the GSM version of Robin smartphone in 2015. However, halfway through Robin's month-long Kickstarter campaign, people started requesting the company for a CDMA version of the handset as well.

Nextbit tried to accommodate the request for CDMA version of Robin because, on the basis of what the carriers told the company, it felt that the CDMA version would be feasible. The company originally announced a February 2016 launch of the CDMA version of Robin, but delayed it to April 2016 earlier this year. But now, Moss has announced that the CDMA Robin has been canceled because the company would have to incur hefty costs in producing the device.

With the CDMA Robin now canceled, Nextbit is offering full refunds to people who had preordered the handset on Kickstarter. In addition, the company is also giving the CDMA Robin backers a 25 percent discount code for the purchase of a GSM Robin from the Nextbit online store.