New Luxury Resort Coming to Southern California

When the upscale and stately Anabella Hotel closed a few weeks ago, residents of Anaheim wondered if the new property would also be the type of luxurious, world-class resort that Southern California deserves. On the evening of September 13, the good people of Anaheim learned about the fate of this property, and they could not have been any happier.

City council members and local business leaders assembled at the site of the former Anabella Hotel to break ground on what promises to be one of the most exciting projects in Anaheim this year. With an estimated budget of $245 million, the Westin Anaheim Resort will be located next door to Disneyland and not far from where the hotly anticipated Star Wars attraction is being built.

According to a news report broadcast by KABC Channel 7 in Los Angeles, this new Westin hotel will be a four-diamond property, the first of its kind to be built in Southern California this century. The Westin Anaheim Resort will feature more than 600 luxurious rooms, and the project is expected to generate about 2,000 jobs. Whereas the workforce that operated the Anabella Hotel was comprised of 160 employees, the Westin is expected to employ more than 600.

The Disneyland district of Anaheim is undergoing a great revival after years of languishing in the shadow of Orlando and Disney World. Without a doubt, the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction can be credited with a significant part of this revival. The Westin is not the only luxury hotel that will be added to the district; in fact, four others are planned. There is also the ongoing expansion of the Anaheim Convention Center to consider; this is an establishment that will likely host Star Wars fan conventions in the near future.

In exchange for building a property in this city, the Westin Anaheim Resort will receive generous tax incentives of up to 70 percent reimbursement for every guest. Council members estimate that the city will receive a billion dollars in revenue from the Westin between now and the year 2047. Considering that other luxury resorts are currently under construction, Anaheim is set to become one of the more revenue-rich cities in the Golden State.

The Westin Anaheim Resort is scheduled to open its doors for the 2019 holiday season or in early 2020. Hiring priority will be given to employees who were downsized as a result of the Anabella Hotel closure in August.