New ‘MyShake’ app can turn smartphones into earthquake sensors

New ‘MyShake’ app can turn smartphones into earthquake sensors

US researchers have, in association with Deutsche Telekom AG, developed a new app which has the capability to convert a smartphone into a makeshift earthquake sensor, to potentially save human lives.

The new app created by researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and Deutsche Telekom is called 'MyShake.' It can detect possible earthquake tremors with the help of motion sensors installed in smartphones.

According to the details shared by the developers of the 'MyShake' earthquake-detection app, the time and amplitude of an earthquake tremor is recorded by the app. The recorded data, along with the smartphone location, is sent over for analysis to Berkeley's seismological lab.

The researchers said that the objective behind developing the 'MyShake' app is to create a 'collective' seismic network, so that earthquake warning can be sent out to people well in time. As such, the researchers have asserted that the earthquake-detection system underscoring the 'MyShake' app can work more effectively when more people use the app.

Meanwhile, so far as the availability of the 'MyShake' app is concerned, Deutsche Telekom has revealed that the app can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play store; with an iPhone version of the app likely to be released in future.