Netflix no longer available for rooted Android phones

Netflix no longer available for rooted Android phones

Netflix is no longer available officially to be downloaded to rooted Android phones as the popular app has secretly disappeared from the Google Play Store listing of such devices.

Stream service has confirmed that the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store to anyone with a non-Google-certified device.

A spokesman for Netflix has confirmed the change and said that it was all about a change in copy protection. The app’s version 5.0 now leans wholly on the so-called Widevine digital rights management of Google to prevent piracy.

In other words, the company is treating those modified mobile devices as incompatible. The crackdown is not totally shocking, but has definitely created some issues.

While Netflix representatives said its app will no longer work with modified devices running on Android OS, Android Police has reported that the app is still running properly if the user manages to install it by sideloading the APK, at least for now.