A Neighbor to the Gunman Says That the Targeted Neighbor’s Son Is in Rampage

A gunman who went by the name of Kevin Neal shot five people dead and wounded at least a 12 others when the authorities arrived to neutralize him. This incident happened in California on Tuesday in the Rancho Tehama Reserve. Neal had targeted his neighbor and a seven-year-old child of that very neighbor. The reason why the neighbors were targeted was identified to be a feud that had been there for quite some time. Another neighbor who lives 200 meters away from Kevin Neal’s home, Johnny Phommathep, said that Neal had made loud threats that he would murder his neighbor, Danny Elliot. According to Phommathep, Neal also threatened that he would proceed to the elementary school and murder Gage.

Neal would on that fateful day kill Elliott and his mother, Diana Steele and a wound a dozen others who included children. The County Sheriff Office of Tehama made a statement that Kevin Neal drove his car to the Rancho Tehama Elementary School in search of Elliott’s seven-year-old son. Neal would proceed to ram the gate of the school and open fire on the school’s portable classrooms. The gunman incessantly tried to gain access to the kindergarten classroom. However, quick thinking teachers had locked down the school. Eventually, Neal would give up the search for Elliott’s son and storm off from the school. Phil Johnston, the Assistant Sherriff of Tehama Sherriff’s Department, said that that he was not sure why Neal went to the elementary school. However, Phommathep asserted that Neal was probably looking for Elliott’s son, Gage. The school has a population of about 100 pupils from Kindergarten to fifth grade.

On Friday through a spokesperson, the District attorney for the County of Tehama, Gregg Cohen said that Elliott’s son was the reason why Neal targeted the elementary school. Sissy Feitelberg, Gage’s maternal grandmother, has started a funds drive for the 7-year old. Gage lost his mother before he was two years old to an accident. Neal’s wife, whom he also shot dead, was found under their home's floorboards. Authorities even believe that her slaying led to the begining of the rampage. The wife of Phommathep and their children are among those who were wounded in a shootout. Tiffany Phommathep was enroute to drop her children to school when Neal showed up and sprayed bullets to her pick-up truck. She told reporters that she had been shot four times.